Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Half Baked

This is the 20 week mark in my pregnancy, which means that we are halfway to Baby Town! Here's a pic that my dad took with his cameraphone this weekend.
Obviously, we've been woefully lax in the Taking Photos of the Developing Baby Bump department... but we weren't very diligent with my first pegnancy either, so at least it's not because this child is less loved or less eagerly anticipated. It's more like, "Why would I want a lot of pictures floating around of me at my fattest?"
No, but seriously. I'm not really that vain--I just don't think much about documenting how I look on the outside. The important thing is, I feel fantastic most of the time, the baby is healthy, and we are all so excited about meeting him or her!
The due date is September 29. Can't wait!

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Cindy said...

Looking fabulous!