Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beanie on a goofball

Well, I finished the beanie I was knitting for Tata's birthday! This is a pattern from Knit Picks, but they no longer seem to offer it on their website. It's knitted from their "Shine Sport" yarn, which is a cotton/modal blend that I'm very fond of.

Arlo keeps insisting that I made it for him, and wore it around the house for several hours last night.

I did actually make one for him--a purple one--this winter, but I made it too shallow, so it doesn't really fit his big melon. Or mine, for that matter.

Next, I am knitting one for a friend-of-a-friend who will be undergoing chemotherapy soon--and then there's a dear co-worker who also is scheduled for chemo in the coming weeks--and then I guess I'll set to work on YET ANOTHER beanie for Arlo.

It's a good thing this pattern is pretty painless and relatively quick to knit.

And I guess the more beanies I make, the easier and quicker it should get.

But when will I find time to knit more baby sweaters??

Maybe I should quit my job. (Said while making a face similar to the one Arlo demonstrates here.)

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Cindy said...

that kid is so damn cute...literally his pictures--and charm make me smile every time.