Wednesday, May 02, 2007


C'mon, now, you have to admit it. This is one fine specimen of boy beauty! He looks like he should be made into a fountain. This picture was taken two evenings ago, in between shifts of playing with the garden hose (or washing Mom and Dad's cars, if you ask him). I think he was practicing some moves from his "Super Tots" gymnastics class. Beautiful form, Arlo!

And yes, those are underpants. And no, he did not have an accident. Arlo is (dare I say it out loud???) making grand progress in the Art of Becoming Potty Trained. His favorite part is peeing while standing--he's just barely tall enough for the relevant "parts" to clear the toilet rim, and this is something of which he is infinitely proud.

p.s. Click on the flickr button on the right margin to see LOTS more pictures of The Boy and his latest pursuits.

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map said...

I do love that picture.