Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Big Boy Bed

Arlo finally has his big boy bed now, and he couldn't be happier. This is how I found him the morning after his first night sleeping in the new bed (Monday morning). Just like the first time we laid him, as an infant, in his big ole crib, he looks so tiny and forlorn. And I wonder if he aligned himself across the headboard because it felt more like the crib that he's so accustomed to.

Also note the dual Sock Monkey motif--on the jammies and on the bed. Arlo's choice, of course--though the jammies preceded the sheet set by several months, we were lucky to come across the matching sheets at Target this weekend. I'm surprised you can even see him laying there, he's so well camouflaged.

Well, he slept all night without a fuss--though it did take a little longer to get him settled down at bedtime. All in all, he made the transition like a champ. We just hope that he won't have second thoughts when we bring the crib back out for the baby several months down the road.

On Tuesday night he slept vertically, though still eschewing the pillow and blankets. The step forward is that he allowed the pillow to remain on the bed. Baby steps.

Ted and I laughed about how soon the day will come that Arlo will be sprawled across this bed, snoring, with his big adolescent feet hanging off the end. Fifteen years? Looking at his dad, I'd say more like twelve.

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