Friday, April 27, 2007

Gas (NOT Pregnancy-related.)

Not long ago, some of us were talking about where we should buy gas. Some people were bummed because the Citgo station on Kirkwood & Gilbert closed—and it seemed like the best option before that. If you believe this source ( which compiles what looks to be some pretty reliable data, it may not be too bad to go to BP, in spite of the whole world-domination thing. Look in the right hand margin to see the criteria on which they based their rankings.

Anyway, I just thought y’all might find it interesting. And maybe useful.

And by the way… if you get any e-mails asking you to participate in a “Gas Out,” where nobody buys gas for a day (I think the one that’s circulating is for May 15), it’s a bit of a hoax. That’s one of the things that prompted me to think about where I’m buying gas, and I looked it up here: .

Have a great weekend!

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