Friday, November 16, 2007

WARNING: Not for those with a quick gag reflex

As I headed downstairs to the computer during Mae's morning nap today, I encountered a pile of cat hork at the foot of the stairs, and gingerly stepped around it. I made a mental note to myself, determining that I'd clean it up after checking my e-mail and reading my blogs.

As any of you with children and/or beloved pets knows, a good parent (of humans or other critters) must pay attention to the frequency, consistency, and changing idiosyncrasies of poop, throw-up, and other icky matter emanating from the creatures for whose care we are responsible. So I also noted that whichever cat made this pile of vomit probably did so because he/she had not chewed his/her food properly. Or at all. There were full-size kibbles atop the more liquid-y portion of the mess--not just the little bites, but the big ones, the kind that we mix in with their regular food for the health of their teeth.

Here's the kicker. When I went back to clean it up, the kibble was gone. Apparently one of the kitties was still hungry after finishing off this morning's breakfast. Ew.

Now if we just had a dog, I'd never have to clean up ANY cat puke.


Shawna said...

Double ew.

And, that is the great thing about having a dog. I would loan you mine, gladly. He'd love a house with a random puke buffet.

Mara said...

you're right about that. the sound of an impending cat hork make my pups come running with glee.