Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Kent & Michael, in the kitchen
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We hosted a little get-together at our house Saturday night in honor of Erika's birthday, and also to enjoy the company of Tim & Anita, who moved from Iowa City to Bismarck, ND several years ago. Tim & Anita brought along their two little munchkins, Joe (5), and Sofie (5 mos.), and were joined by five other kiddos in the zero-to-six age group, along with about a dozen of their parents and grown-up friends. Believe it or not, the chaos was kept to a minimum, the kids played happily together, and when everyone left (at a decent hour, no less), the clean-up was minimal. (The extra leaves are still in the dining room table, and there are still extra chairs all over the house, but hey, it coulda been a lot worse.)

You can see photos from the party here:

We were blessed to have a very full house and a really pleasant evening. Thanks to those who came! Whose house is next?

P.S. Did I mention that Macy slept in her swing for nearly the entire party (thereby making everyone at the party believe that I have been waaaaaay exaggerating our troubles with her)?

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Cindy said...

thanks for sharing the pics. I love mae's outfit--kate has the same one, it's so darn snuggly!