Thursday, November 15, 2007

COOL (Country of Origin Labeling)

I'm just beginning to scout around online for Christmas presents for Arlo, and I'm wondering if anyone has tips for determining which toys are made in China and which toys are not. With all the recalls and safety concerns lately concerning items manufactured in China, I think it ought to be clearly stated... but that's not necessarily the case. And you know, it's not just about safety concerns--it's also a matter of not wanting to buy in to the Chinese GDP this year, in light of the apparent lack of ethics among Chinese toy manufacturers... not to mention the probable complicity of the American companies who are hiring Chinese factories to make their toys.
Anyway... the toy that prompted my question is pictured here: Playskool's "Honeybee Hop." I looked it up on Amazon (where it's listed on Arlo's wish list), and couldn't find anything in the product info that states where the toy was manufactured, but I guess there's a good chance that it came from China, since it's a mass-produced "American" toy. I know you can usually find the "Made in _________" tag somewhere on any given toy--but is this marked on the exterior packaging as well? My inclination is to just avoid anything made in China this year, but I'm not sure if that's even going to be a simple proposition.
Your thoughts?

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writermom said...

It won't be simple, but it's a noble, responsible idea. Here's an article from one woman (Sara Bongiorni) who tried for a year to enforce a "China-free" policy in her home:
She also has a book.