Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Favorite New Snack

They scratch the sweet itch, though admittedly not quite as well as a handful of chocolate chip cookies. They're relatively low in fat, not as sugary as you might expect, and each serving contains a whopping (well, whopping for a snack food) 18 grams of whole grains. The trick is actually limiting yourself to their prescribed 15-chip serving. I mean, 15 chips is probably enough, but once I start crunching on these I lose count pretty quickly. But anyway. These will likely be a new staple in the desktop dining pantry.


Cindy said...

I've been watching the days slip by and I believe you will be returning to work soon. Next week? Anything I can do to help with the transition?-Cindy

writermom said...

These are freakin' awesome.