Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloweenies II

After trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, we drove over to Piers's house for a visit. Arlo was kind enough to share his costume with Piers, who had already shed his for bedtime. In fact, it looks like Arlo gave up every piece except for the pants, and the fire tie-dye shirt, added by moi.

Then they shared a hug. Sweet boys!

We arrived with a screaming baby (Mae did not appreciate the car ride, thank you very much), on whom Sandie apparently cast some sort of crazy sleep spell. Mae fell asleep as soon as we arrived at Joel & Sandie's (around 7:00), and kept right on snoozing until ONE A.M. One a.m., people! That's her longest sleep yet!

Next, Piers helped Arlo back into his full firefighter regalia for the drive home. Happy Haloween, y'all!

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heetmyser said...

So glad to hear Mae's getting some sleep. Shorted case of colic ever? I suppose I just jinxed you....