Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some things you learn only from experience.

You know that classic seventies movie footage of the hot chick riding a motorcycle--when she pulls up to fill up her gas tank, or maybe just because she's soooooo hot and needs a break from the road? And how she's still straddling her hawg when she tilts her head back, takes off her helmet, and shakes out her gorgeous mane of long hair in slow motion--usually while some drooling guys watch from across the parking lot and Barry White music plays on the soundtrack?

Yep. That happens to me every day, now that I have my scooter back from the shop.

Here's why. Honest to gosh, it's not an affectation--it's practical! Tilting your head back and shaking your head is the best way to get your helmet off without all your hair ending up in your face. I'm always self-conscious doing it, because I picture that same seventies film footage and it feels so cliche. And sometimes guys do watch me--not because I'm all that, but because they've been programmed to watch, on account of the movies. You follow?

Unfortunately, though, in real life there is no slo-mo or Barry White. That part only happens in my head.

P.S. A fabulous prize will go to the reader who can find an example of the aforementioned seventies movie footage that I can post here. This is close:


map said...

There's another way to keep your hair from getting in your face when you take your helmet off. Here's how: Undo the chin strap, then tilt your head slightly to one side, gathering your hair and twisting it a bit at the same time. Pull the resulting ponytail forward over your shoulder, then remove the helmet.

I know this works, because I saw you do it at the bike rack this morning. ;)

Scooteur said...

But was it in slo-mo?

map said...

It did seem kinda slow, actually. I also think it's cool that your scooter comes with a built-in vanity mirror. Those things are really full-featured these days!