Thursday, July 03, 2008

At least I'm not actually bald.


Can't blame it on the baby this time--she slept better last night than she has in weeks, staying asleep from 9 until about 2:30. Mama should have had the opportunity to catch up on a few hours' sleep--but nooooooooooo.

In the middle of what should have been my good 5-hour stretch of sleep (unheard of!), I was awakened by a searing pain along the side of my lower leg. My calf was cramped up and rock hard--and massaging it in bed was not doing the trick.

I actually had to move to the floor to experiment with leg positions and rubbing, all the while enduring this agonizing muscle spasm... and then it started up in the other leg too, GAHHHH!

It took so long to get the cramps to subside that I was afraid to move again--and for that reason I fell asleep on the floor for a while, with my head resting on a stack of clean laundry waiting to be put away. The cramping didn't return, but even this morning I still feel a little wobbly and tentative--as if the muscle could seize up again at any moment.

At this point, I am honestly not sure if it warrants a trip to the doc or not. More often than not when I follow Ms. Mayhem's advice "When in doubt, have the Dr. check it out," (as is my natural tendency) the phantom medical issue disappears when any medical personnel enter the room. Maybe I'll wait and see if it happens again over the weekend.

To top it off, when I wasn't writhing around my bedroom floor, clutching at my legs in agony, I was having strange dreams. The most memorable was that I had to shave my head to get my tattoo--as if it was a serious surgery and all hair had to be absent for the sterile field to be maintained. I consented in a heartbeat (does that surprise you?) but then worried the entire time that Ted was going to find me hideous when I came home bald and tattooed.

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