Monday, July 07, 2008

Holiday weekend: bad start, amazing finish

Well, the first thing that happened to me after leaving work on Thursday was that my scooter broke down on the way home. Yes, this is the scooter that I had been driving for two days after finally getting it "repaired." It's back at the shop today after spending the holiday weeekend parked in a ramp downtown. Hmmmph.

Friday the 4th, Ted took Arlo to Iowa City's fireworks display, which, due to flooding, took place on the Pentacrest instead of City Park. Though we objected to the late start (10:00 or so, after the last JazzFest performance wrapped), it looks like it was a gorgeous setting for the event, and Arlo was a good sport about the late bedtime. In fact, he laid down on the blanket at the show and went to sleep! Ted was astounded at the Boy's ability to snooze right through the Grand Finale--"depth charge" percussion fireworks and all! We had a good chuckle about that, and I continue to pine away for the next time the whole family will be able to go and enjoy the fireworks. I'm thinking that'll probably be 2010. We'll see.

The high point of the weekend was when Mara called last night to report that her new daughter Nora Jane was born, at 8:18 p.m.. I went to see the happy family over lunch today, and I am still sighing over the wonder and joy of it all. Nora is a gorgeous baby, and will join Macy and Arlo at Tata's daycare ina couple of months. We are quite certain that Macy and Nora will BFFs--or at least forced to hang out together for the rest of their lives by virtue of their moms being so tight. Congratulations, Mara and Rock!

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