Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art Installation, Phase 1

The old tattoo I am covering

First, Kris outlined her own pencil sketch on transfer paper, then used that to apply a carbon copy to my skin, to show where the design would fall on the contours of my arm.

Outline inked:
Here's the finished outline, and as far as we got in the first session. In the next session, she'll add color, and after that it will be shaded.

Kris Evans:
The artist herself. Not only a talented artist, but also a damn fine conversationalist and one smart lady. I was amazed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge--and thoughtful insight--on a huge range of topics including American history, international banking, commerce, God, culture, linguistics, and oh yeah, RAGBRAI.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Endorphinden, and I am thrilled with the results. I am so anxious to continue to project--but I need to let the work from the first session heal before we can proceed. So in the meantime, you will have to visualize the vivid shades of green, red, brown, orange, etc... I know it will be a stunning work of art when it's finished, and I love it already, even though it's only an outline.

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Emily said...

I didn't realize you were covering up an old tattoo. Brilliant! Didnt even notice it when I saw the new one.