Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How lucky are we that Halloween costumes have gotten so easy--and so adorable? Here's what Arlo picked out, from the Old Navy web site, for his Halloween costume this year. Anticipating that our time will be in short supply this fall (what with the imminent arrival of the new Knights baby), I decided to just let Arlo pick out a "boughten" costume instead of trying to dream up/ make up something creative and fabulous on my own. (Also note, Old Navy is having a 25%-off sale right now on lots of baby and kid stuff, INCLUDING the Halloween stuff.)

I can't wait to see it--not only is it totally cute, but it's made of fleece, so it should also be easy, comfy, and warm for Arlo to wear on what often turns out to be a chilly autumn night. Looks like all I need to do now is find some fireman boots for him to wear ... though I'm sure we could get away with just putting on his sneakers ... or his usual rain boots, which always draw loads of compliments:

You can get your very own pair at looky here, they're also on sale!!!!!

P.S. OHMIGOSH! Brace yourself for major temptation if you are a woman who likes to splash in puddles, because Good Lo,' they have quite the selection of ladies' boots as well.

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Shawna said...

Dude, I just totally bought a pair of skull and sword crossbone rainboots, at your suggestion.

xoxo, Shawna