Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here She Is


Mae Clara "Macy" Knights
Born September 23, 2007
7:43 a.m.
8 pounds
20 inches long
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not supergirl said...

OOHH! She IS gorgeous! I can almost smell the baby smell from here... We're looking forward to meeting her.

heetmyser said...

I understand she's even cuter in person. Hard to believe, but I'll have to take my wife's word for it. Congrats to all!

writermom said...

Truly, she's an angel. I really enjoyed snuggling her. Take care and see you soon :)

Mara said...

So sweet! What a beauty!

Libra said...

OMG, adorable!

Moose said...

looks like a baby

Sara B. said...

yay! I can't wait to meet her!