Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arlo: Inspired by Pillows

I've written here before about Arlo's imagination--specifically, even, flights of fancy inspired by heaps of blankets and pillows on the bed. Remember this?
Here are two more examples.

1: Over the weekend, Arlo grabbed a pillow from our bed, propped it up on top of his head, and went marching up and down the hallway, proclaiming to be an ant. Says he: "I've got a big piece of toast!"

2: Burrowing, head first, under the down comforter and assorted pillows on the bed--all sans linens due to the fact that it was laundry day, and therefore all shades of white--he shouts a muffled "I'm a snowplow!" from beneath a "snowdrift." This one, in particular, blew me away because of course he hasn't seen a snowplow in action in months.

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