Thursday, September 27, 2007

Arlo Steps Up


Arlo continues to warm to the idea of being a big brother (his 3 a.m. tantrums notwithstanding), and this morning he finally held Macy for the first time! They were enjoying some interactive time--he was showing off the awesome fire engine he got from Piers for his birthday a few weeks back--and he planted a kiss on her head. (I, unfortunately missed this part, as I had stepped into the other room for a minute. But I did hear it, because Arlo's kisses are audible: "Mmmmmmmwahh!") I came rushing back with the camera, in time to catch Arlo asking if he could hold her. Here's one of the resulting shots.

Why, oh why, do I not have a high-speed connection at my house? I have so much more to share!

I have made arrangements to use a fast computer this afternoon to FINALLY post the rest of our latest photos to flickr. Stay tuned...
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heetmyser said...

Arlo's going to make an awesome big bro.

not supergirl said...

Oh wow, that photo is too sweet. You know, a cool start isn't necessarily bad. Lucy was thrilled at Nora's arrival, but was sorely disapointed when that baby didn't do all the near-toddler stuff she was hoping for right away.
I have no doubt Arlo will be great with his new sis.

Cindy said...