Friday, June 01, 2007

Watch the Birdies

Before Arlo was born, I obsessed mildly over finding or making a brilliant, stylish, intellectually stimulating, and affordable mobile to hang over his crib. I didn't really succeed, though we did end up receiving a very sweet, Scandinavian-simple, wooden butterfly mobile in primary colors from my sister and her family in Denmark--which not only graced Arlo's crib airspace, but also did double duty as our Christmas tree topper (suspended from the ceiling over our plastic Salvation Army tree) last year.

I digress. My point is, looky here!


Scooteur said...

Local source alert! I discovered that Design Ranch carries the original line (though I cannot recall the name now) of Danish mobiles, and they are really adorable. Prices range from $25-$40 or so, making them right in my ideal baby-shower-gifting range. Yay, Design Ranch!

Scooteur said...