Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Thanks to the Marshalltown Fire Department

Arlo and I visited my folks in Marshalltown for Father's Day this weekend, since Ted is off fishing with his dad and brother in Canada. I've posted some photos from the weekend on my flickr page.

Sunday was a BIG day. Not only did Arlo get to ride his awesome new bike (his "cool bike," as he calls it) that lives at Grandpa's house, but he also got to go to Marshalltown's municipal aquatic complex (a.k.a. "big water park") AND was treated to a Taylor's Maid-Rite (with extra pickle, naturally) AND...

He got to "drive" a fire truck.

Actually... he got to get behind the wheel of TWO different fire trucks. We stopped at the Marshalltown fire station on the way home from Taylor's (where we had stopped on the way home from the water park), and paid a visit to the firefighters, who were all too happy to show Arlo around.

I think Arlo was a little uncertain as to why these fire trucks were yellow--because everyone knows that fire trucks are supposed to be red--but he handled it with remarkable grace and composure. In a fifteen-minute visit, he got to drive an old fire truck and a new one, and watch a Real Live Fireman slide down the brass pole. When he got back into his car seat to hit the road and head back to Iowa City, he had a fistful of stickers and a new coloring book, and he was fast asleep before we even reached city limits.

A big thanks goes out to the guys at the fire station in Marshalltown, who were warm and gracious hosts and who made us feel like visiting dignitaries rather than uninvited interlopers. Some time this summer, we'll try out the Iowa City fire station (with the RED trucks!) and we'll try to be proper guests by at least bringing along some muffins to share.

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