Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Maybe this song struck a chord with me today because I spent my lunch break preparing for a New Pi board meeting, and won't be home until well after my children go to sleep tonight.

"Even when I'm a mess, I put on a vest with an 'S' on my chest, oh yes..."

This goes out to all my friends who are amazing parents (especially the moms, but the dads get mad love too) and who try to also have ambition, a social life, passion, creativity, and something left to give your community. This, I think, is exactly the call to action that we heard in Obama's Inaugural address yesterday... and I salute all of you are out there being superwomen (and men), each in your own way. This is how we build a better future.


writermom said...

shoot, I can't get it to play, but I truly appreciate your sentiment and right back atcha :)

Scooteur said...

Try clicking on the "Superwoman" post title... it'll take you right to YouTube. xoxoJ

Anonymous said...

Rock on Ladies!!