Friday, January 16, 2009

I promise you, we will not make these comparisons when the girls are in high school.

Mara and I grabbed a quick taco (Mara, a taquito) for lunch today and then went to Kidworks to powershop for pants for her 6-month-old, Nora, since she's outgrown all of hers. Mara reported to me that Nora now weighs (according to our shared daycare provider) twenty-four pounds. Twenty. Four.

I mean, that is one large helping of Baby Goodness:

For the record? Macy (who is just shy of 16 months now) weighed twenty POINT four pounds at her last doc's appointment. As in, twenty-and-a-half. She's in the tenth percentile for weight, which does vex me a little, considering the copious amounts of food that she gobbles up every day. But hey! that was, like, a month ago! I'm sure Mae has been packing on some weight since then. She'll catch up!

Macy is nearly a year older than Nora, and yet we are in a peculiar situation where Nora could, concievably, start handing down her outgrown clothes to Macy. That is, if her mom didn't have to hem them all up to accomodate the much-shorter legs of an infant in toddler clothes--because Macy is at the 90th percentile for height.

Look at Nora's thighs in the photo above, and then check out the wee gams on my daughter here. This photo was taken at Thanksgiving. Oh, and wouldn't you know that Mara's comment on my flickr page when I posted this photo was, and I am quoting verbatim, "such slender little thighs."

Ah, if only someone would say that about me. If only.

When I asked Mara if she minded me writing a blog post about the girls and their respective sizes, her exact quote in the instant-messaging window was: "you can also refer to my daughter as any of the following: piggie, la gordita, full-figured, Rubenesque, etc."

So yeah, I guess you could say that Mara has come to terms with having a Giant Girl Child. (Oops, did I have permission to use that term?)

Just promise me, Mara (and Rockne), that you will abandon the "Piggie" nickname before young Nora is old enough to have body image issues. I love your big, beautiful baby, and wouldn't have her any other way.


Anonymous said...

My boy is a large baby also and the first thing everyone says is look at those thighs!

writermom said...

Ha! I think Lila is almost 24 pounds and she is 2.

Go, Nora, go!!

map said...

My family on my mom's side has a history of big thighs, but it doesn't look like Ava got the gift. Nora's probably going to stretch right out come 5th grade and end up being 5'10" and thin as a reed by junior high.