Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Speaking of... speech

I've had conversations lately with fellow parents wherein we lament the adorable mispronunciations that have been lost in the mists of time as our toddlers have grown into preschoolers, and as they approach (GASP!) school age. Ted and I always agree that one of our fondest discarded mispronunciations was the way Arlo used to pronounce Cookie Monster. He would say, "Turkey Butter." We still laugh about that one, and I think he's been pronouncing it correctly for going on two years now.

Just in the past day or two, I was desperately trying to remember one of the current speech glitches that I really hate to see go by the wayside (See??? It's almost gone already! Like sand slipping through our fingers!) but I just couldn't bring one to mind.

Today, I thought of two.

One: Arlo still calls his fingers "ningers." Awwwwwwww.

Two: When Arlo's not feeling well (or playing at not feeling well), he says he has a "tummy ick" or a "head ick." Truth be told, I think his words are a little more accurate than the "right" ways of saying tummy ache and headache (especially in the case of the tummy). I'm thinking of instituting his pronunciation as the new official pronunciation in our household.

Maybe if we do that, we can hold on just a little bit longer. Here's hoping.


Sara said...

Gabe said "squirlo" for squirrel. Must be related to Arlo...?

I think I've forgotten any of Olivia's glitches.

Except for this wonderful anecdote on her innocence. Walking home from kindergarten, two little boys ran to catch up and say "hi" to Olivia. One turns to the other after saying hi and says, see I told you she was hot. And then they ran off. So then we asked if she was hot. She said, "No, but I am a little warm."

Joel said...

Piers pronounces any consonant that precedes a "t" as an "f." For example, "doctor" is "doftor" and captain is "caftain."