Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have clever friends who say nice things.

I don't know if any of you remember an old post (I couldn't find it, but it may have been on my pre-Blogger blog, over here at Friendster) wherein I reported that my friend and co-worker LK had dubbed me "Zen Jen" during a meeting. That was cute. And flattering.

Today while desktop lunching (sammies delivered from Jimmy John's) with LK and our new Cube Buddy EH, I shared some of my chips with both of them. (He had ordered plain ones and wanted to try my BBQ ones, and she didn't get any of her own on account of trying to be carb- and calorie-conscious.)

My chip-sharing was met with another clever and flattering turn of phrase. Said EH,

"You put the 'Jen' in Generous."

Whotta guy, that EH. He makes me laugh and laugh. Here's to many more desktop lunches to come!

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mark said...

One thing I will say about that LK: She could make a grocery list sound interesting.