Thursday, May 22, 2008

Add it to my shopping cart

I saw this photo today on the New York Times web site, and found myself wishing I could just click on the photo, put the room in my online shopping cart, and have it shipped to me overnight.

This room is so bright and inviting--not just because of the ridiculous abundance of natural light, but also because of the sunny yellow color of the walls and the warm honey tone of the wood dining set and floors. From the skylights at the top to the wainscoting/beadboard at the bottom, I like the total effect of this sunroom. I'll bet it's very attractive from the outside, too--though in my neighborhood, the houses are closer together so we'd probably want to invest in some shades, especially for nighttime privacy.

If I came into a big chunk of money tomorrow, I would definitely consider putting an addition on my house just like this.

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