Thursday, January 24, 2008


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Arlo's first dental check-up was on Monday. I took him to see Ann Connors, who also cares for my teeth and Ted's. Here's Arlo with the hygienist, learning all about what was going to happen in his mouth. He sat like this--ankles crossed, hands folded in his lap--through the whole appointment, and behaved like an angel. In fact, I think he actually had fun!

He drew the line, though, at having his teeth polished. He let Averi brush, floss, count, and poke his teeth--but the vibration of the little rubber polisher tip was just too much, and he said "No, thank you. I don't like that."

And yes, his snow boots are on the wrong feet. Believe me, I tried to get him to switch them around but he was determined to be in charge of his boots, and I relented. As long as those feet stay warm and dry, I guess it doesn't matter.

More photos of the appointment can be seen on my flickr page, naturally.


Cindy said...

Thank you...I needed an Arlo fix!

mark said...

Too cute! What a proper little gentleman.

writermom said...

Seriously, where did this kid come from? And how can I order one?