Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Funniest Thing Heard at Work Today

Today during a particularly enjoyable discussion about politics, Betsy called the other side "the Repuglicans."

Even my conservative mom and dad have to appreciate that clever turn of phrase, dontcha think? Aw, come on, it's just a little good-natured ribbing...


Pirate Dog PDX said...

Way funnier than Democrap!

I'll sprinkle the pun liberally in my conversations with local opinion makers. See if we can get some traction with Repugnican.

mark said...

That's what you get for hanging out with "creative types."

Anonymous said...

I use the term "REPUGnican" daily now. And, I don't consider it good-natured ribbing. The REPUGnicans have truly become repugnant. Just today, Bush vetoes legislation that restricts TORTURE!

Is this America? Am I dreaming?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I TOO use the term REPUGnican. And I capitalize "REPUG" to make it stand out!

Here's an example of how I use it:

* John McCain is an Unstable REPUGnican: McBush/McAngry/McCrazy/McNasty
* REPUG = Disappearing JOBS
* REPUG = High Food Prices
* REPUG = Gasoline at about $3.51 per gallon
= More WAR & saying “Water-Boarding Isn’t Torture”
= 900,000 homes in foreclosure RIGHT NOW!
= The party of Hate... Race-
& Gender-Based Attacks
= Katrina, Tainted Pet Food, Lead in Toys.
& Little or No Help From Our Gov’t
= Lies, Lies, Lies From Our Own Gov’t
= Senators Having Airport Bathroom ***REPUGnican*** Sex
= War
= War
= War
= More & More War
= Collapsed Bridges, Bailouts for Big ***REPUGnican*** Corporations
& More Tax Breaks for the Rich, While Millions
Can't Afford Any Health Insurance!
= Tax Cuts for the Rich *** REPUGnicans ***
= Sex with Underaged Senate "Pages" (boys).
=1,000s OF CRIPPLED VETERANS, Poisoned pet food, Lead in
Toys and: Little or No Help From Our Government




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