Friday, January 18, 2008

Can I get an "Amen?"

I stumbled upon what appears to be yet another cool parenting blog that I am just exploring a bit today. Here's a sample:

I am already sentimental about Mae's tiniest days, and just remarked to Ted last night that I realized that she is already about one-third of the way through her baby year, and how that seemed like it went by awfully fast.

However, like this blogger, I am so grateful for the diminishing hours of screaming and for the reassuring reality that my baby now smiles a lot, and giggles, and can be reasonably content when left to squirm around on the floor or sit in the exersaucer by herself for a handful of minutes at a time. Mae has become a happy little baby, and it's so nice now to see that she is actually enjoying life.

As precious as those tiny days are, I am glad they're over. Now if we can just get Mae to sleep through the night...

One other thing I am looking forward to as Mae grows:

Hair. To be more precise, pigtails. I have already been holding on to this knitting pattern for almost two years, and as God is my witness I will knit this for Mae as soon as she has enough hair to make pigtails. Looks like I'll have plenty of time before that day comes.

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mark said...

I'll second happy babies. Let's all drink to that.