Thursday, August 09, 2007

Media Darling

I'm only telling you this because you might feel a little put out if I didn't tell you . . . I've gotten a few phone calls from friends today squealing about the fact that my picture is in the paper AGAIN today (Ted and Arlo too this time)--check out the Cedar Rapids Gazette, somewhere around page 6A, I think? I haven't seen it yet.

A Gazette reporter interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for a story she was writing about baby naming, and the story is scheduled to appear in this Sunday's paper. They sent a photographer to our house to take pictures of me and the boys by our front door. What's in the paper today, I'm told, is a "teaser"-- a little promo bit to try to get people to want to buy the paper this Sunday, and it features our happy little family.

Watch for the story on Sunday. I hope I don't come off looking/sounding like a total dweeb.


Cindy said...

The minute you left our apartment, Mitch looked at me and said Ted slipped...I know what they are having....Ha ha! I might have missed the slip, but nothing gets by Mitch. However, I am good at keeping secrets!-C

Cindy said...

Awesome article...and even better pic of the Knight Family!!!!!