Monday, August 13, 2007


Here's the Gazette story from yesterday. I couldn't believe how prominently they featured our picture--and in full color! Thank God it was a good one.

I'm told that it might be a little creepy that I "comb the obituaries" for name ideas--but you just look at them some time, and try and tell me that there aren't some gems in there.

Click here to read the article... oh, and don't miss the fact that our friend, Cindy, was also quoted! (I sold her out, gave her name to the reporter.)


heetmyser said...

That's really cool. I think my dad still has copies of the articles when we showed up in the paper (not the arrest reports, but everything else). Arlo's going to love having copies when he's older (as are you and Ted, no doubt).

Paida said...

Followed a link from Avablog.

I had to write because the name Arlo rocks. My 6 year old son, Pablo, would be Arlo if not for my Mexican husband who claimed it doesn't really work in Spanish. {such a bummer the dad has veto power!}

Very cool your grandfather is named Arlo. I loved it because of Arlo Guthrie. My daughter Aida is named for my grandmother.