Friday, November 17, 2006

Swoncho: Good or Evil?

Gah! It's good and evil, all wrapped up in one unflattering garment... the Swoncho!

Today I received this free knitting pattern by e-mail from Berroco, with the following description:

"A sweater that has evolved from the poncho, Wisteria is a trapeze raglan turtleneck pullover. It features a tree design composed of cables and bobbles. As opposed to sleeves, it has cuffs that join the bottom front and back hems."

I really love the color of this yarn, and the tree pattern on the front. But I'm not so sure about "cuffs that join the bottom front and back hems." And why would anyone be "opposed to sleeves?" Plus, you'd probably have to stand like this all day long in order for the shape to be flattering. And you'd have to weigh about 87 pounds.

I don't think I want ponchos to evolve.


Libra said...

I...I...I don't know what to say

Rebecca said...

I like it, but as you noted, it would only really work in that exact position and on a skinny model. It would be hella cute (yay California!) on a little kid. But then a little kid might get tangled up in it and fall down, which would be terrible. It's not very practical.

Anonymous said...

I confess, I just purchased yarn for this sweater. I'm intrigued by it's potential as a jacket alternative for in-between weather. I googled it to see if anyone else had pictures of their finished products, and all I've found are "oh my gosh what on earth is that?" type comments. LOL. Oh well. At least I'll be the only girl on the block wearing one!