Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gay Question of the Month

Okay, so I missed National Coming Out Day, and I'm sorry about that.

And no, I'm not coming out.

But after reading this, to which I was pointed by one of the blogs I occasionally catch up on (this one) , I suddenly feel like I ought to be asking more Gay Questions.

Maybe I take it for granted that I know all I need to know about my gay friends and their lives. Maybe I don't need to know more to know that I love them and accept their quirks (specifically the noises when they blow their noses, or that their voices tend to be loud in restaurants, or their habits of leaving long rambling voice mail messages, or conversely, not calling for weeks) and don't count homosexuality as a quirk, but just as a part of who they are in the same way that I am obnoxious at dinner parties and I like cats better than dogs.
Okay, wait. Being obnoxious at dinner parties is more like a quirk. However, it's also just part of who I am. But I digress.

I just want to send a shout out to my best gal, E, who always answers my Gay Questions without flinching. Like that time when I asked you if it was okay to put a gay rainbow sticker on my car and you said "Mmm, no, probably not"? Thanks.

Did the rest of you know that the rainbow--unless it also says PFLAG or "Celebrate Diversity" or "Value All Families" (all stickers I would proudly affix to my family car)--generally communicates to the world (the gay world, anyway) that you, in fact, ARE gay, and not just that you support gay rights and equality and all that stuff? Well, now you know.

Which brings me to my Gay Question du jour... what's up with Apple computers?


Libra said...

I used to have a rainbow iowa sticker on my car...didn't help me get girls

Mark said...

Man, I miss that logo. It's been gone now for, what, eight years or so?