Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Networking Like Mad

Here's the thing. I am in San Jose at a writing conference, for work, and I'm actually having fun. I've not been to a Professional Conference since I don't know when, and this is my first time in California. I'm one of the "cool kids" at the conference. It's like band camp. It's totally dorky -- if you are on the outside looking in -- but we are having a rocking good time. I am already wistful because we all have to go back home to our respective universities and non-profits tomorow.

But not before we take a quick road trip to Santa Cruz tomorrow. The conference wraps up at 11:30, and my plane doesn't leave until 8:50 p.m.. I am following one of my new friends back to her stomping grounds in S.C., and she's gonna show me the beach. And some redwoods. Awesome.

I miss you, Arlo. I miss you, Ted. But I'm gonna see me some big trees before I come home. Here's hoping that I don't miss any connections getting back to you!

P.S. I think that some of my "buddies" here at the conference might not know my real first name. They call me "Iowa." I like the sound of that.


Leah said...

Get to work, missy! ;)

I'm bored here at the office. Hurry back.

Mark said...

So, if your new nick is "Iowa," what are we to call you upon your return? Iowa seems redundant.

Rebecca said...

I was so very sad after we said goodbye. I hope you didn't have any trouble getting home. Your blog is lovely and so are you!