Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ted

Here's a video of Arlo helping his papa make Rhubarb Delight (rhubarb harvested from our garden) on Friday night, in honor of Ted's birthday.

The best present Ted got on Friday was a new job!

He put in his two weeks' notice at Quality Care and will begin working at Forever Green nursery & garden center on June 1st. His new position (as nursery manager, in a retail and customer-service environment) will put Ted in a work habitat that's more to his liking, and put his considerable plant knowledge and educational leanings to more appropriate use than what he has been able to do at Quality Care.

Ted will continue to teach horticulture at Kirkwood, part-time, and is really excited about a new chance to really show his stuff--and to hopefully do some meaningful work in a place where he is appreciated! Here's to new beginnings...
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mark said...

Cool! WTG, Ted! Still, I'll miss seeing you huddled up in the tiny cab of that snowblower on a dreary, frozen morning come February.

Ms. Mayhem said...

Yippee...and EXCITING news for Ted (and all of you).