Friday, May 22, 2009

Giving of Myself

For many years, bone marrow donation has been on my personal "To Do" list. Now that I'm done having babies and breastfeeding (barring any unforeseen seismic shifts in Ted's and my thinking on the topic), I feel like I'm entering a stage in my life (and in the lives of my other family members) when I could actually follow through with that dream.
Last night, though, a conversation with a friend got me thinking about becoming an egg donor. I've been so blessed with easy conception, textbook-normal pregnancies, and two healthy (not to mention incredibly attractive, if you ask me) babies. It breaks my heart to know that so many couples lack what has come so easily to me, and I'm pretty sure I have hundreds of thousands of healthy oocytes in my ovaries, just going to waste--positively languishing behind the iron curtain that is my IUD.
I wonder if I could do both, say, in the next five years? Am I crazy?
Ten minutes of research revealed that you have to be 34 or younger to donate eggs, and I turn 33 next Sunday. I guess a little soul-searching is in order for the holiday weekend...

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