Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I might have just found my new favorite online clothing source. Not that I actually purchase things very often... I do a LOT of browsing, finding, oooohing, ahhhing, coveting, hemming, hawing, and kvetching, but only rarely do I actually fork over my hard-earned dollars. This dress, however, may qualify.

Check out for more sweet and JenTastic items.

As long as we're talking about Things I Like That Can Be Purchased Online, I am currently rationing out the single package of Rosemary-Mint cleansing hand wipes that I bought on impulse at Bath & Body Works while Christmas shopping. Not only are they refreshing for your hands--perhaps used after scarfing a bag of Doritos at your desk (theoretically speaking, of course)--but you can wipe off your desktop after your hands are clean, and the discarded wipes will act as a light room (cubicle) freshener after you toss them.

You could also just walk your lazy butt to the restroom and wash your hands, but there's a lot to be said for life's small and occasional luxuries.

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Mara said...

That dress is exactly your style. so cute! And I totally agree about the luxuries.