Monday, April 20, 2009

She's a Pro


In case you ever doubted it, Mae is a champion pouter. This photo is proof. Ted snapped this shot of the little lady when I was away yesterday afternoon for my knitting group. She had been pulling all of our muffin tins and cooling racks off the shelf to play with them, Ted said, and he stopped the fun and games and firmly told her "no."

Her response was to stalk off to the hallway (where Arlo's time-out spot is) and plop herself down to sulk. Self-imposed time-out? Or just a taste of the dramatics yet to come? Methinks it is probably the latter.
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map said...

So long as she stays cute doing it, what's the harm? At least she's out of the way.

writermom said...

Oh, the woe. Poor Miss Mae. Lila is good at this pouting thing, too ;)

Ms. Mayhem said...

This TOTALLY cracks me up. I can totally relate, Kate puts her hands up to her eyes to cover them and cry (but I think she is faking it). And, I have to agree with MAP on this one, too cute! So glad Ted grabbed the camera.

dkknights said...

oh my! I want to cry. Ted you must have been really bad to her... ha!