Friday, March 06, 2009


(Disclaimer: I hate how hard it is to lay out photos in these blogposts. Please forgive the ad-hoc appearance of this post. I don't have time to make it look right--I tried--but I hope you'll enjoy playing "match the caption with the photo!")

Ted teaches a horticulture class at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids on Thursday nights, so I've gotten in the habit of taking pictures of what the kids and I do in his absence. I was enjoying the shots from last night--what a glorious springish evening!--and thought I'd share them with you, too. After all, most of you missed the fun too!

Racing the setting sun, we scooted over to Wetherby Park for a little fresh air and play time. Erika and Booker figured they could use some of that too--so they joined us for a short but intense playdate.

In this first shot, Mae is very excited about something up in the sky...

Yep, there it is. Zee plaaaane!

Here, E and Arlo and Booker (at least Booker's tail end) romp around.

Here's Arlo, running off some steam. Honestly, after an afternoon at Kinderfarm I don't know HOW he has any steam left.
This is when Arlo decided that he had played enough and informed me that "We'd better get outta here."
And back at home, Mae celebrates the onset of spring weather with some festive headgear (daisy headband courtesy of Gramma Mary).
After a gorgeous day yesterday, temps are still on the mild side, but we are definitely ready for more 60+ temperatures! This morning I noticed the tips of tulip foliage pushin up out of the soil by our front door, and just seeing that gave me a fresh burst of energy. C'mon, spring!

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mark said...

And just as we're gearing up for our first honest-to-goodness spring storm, too. Great pics!

PS -- WordPress FTW! ;)