Friday, September 19, 2008


Earlier this week, as I was driving my scooter to work and appreciating the gloriously sunny (though a bit on the cool side) autumn morning, I watched a large acorn drop from one of the canopy of ancient oak trees under which I was driving. It fell about a half a block in front of me, and I thought to myself (in a split second, the way that you do when barreling down the road and still paying attention to the moment at hand) how lucky it was that I had "dodged that bullet" hurled from above. In the very next second, though, that darn acorn bounced right back up from the road and nailed me, square in the clavicle.

I was shocked to find that the assault did not result in a bruise. Ow.


Kava Kid said...

Was this, by chance, on East Park Road across from Levitt?

Not once, but TWICE in recent weeks I've heard a nice big "PLUNK!" from my car roof when driving up Park Road.

Good thing you wear a helmet!

Scooteur said...

Precisely. Lotta big trees there.