Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming soon to a mailbox near you...

...but probably not your mailbox, unless you happen to be the parent of a University of Iowa student.

Arlo and his adorable gal pal, Ava (whose mom and dad also work for the UI Foundation), modeled for us last week for a postcard that we are sending to UI parents in advance of a Telefund campaign wherein actual UI students (not their own though) will be calling to request a gift for the UI. This is one of the photos from that photo shoot, though I'm not sure if it will end up being the final image on the card.

Both kids did such a great job, and held up remarkably well for a good half-hour of photo-snapping, with the parents and photographer (Jill Tobin--yay, Jill!) cheering and coaching from the sidelines. "Hold the phone up to your ear, Arlo!" ... "Now Ava, tell Arlo what kind of animal you want to be!" ... "Arlo won't answer the phoooone!" ... etc., etc.

What fun! I can't wait to see the final postcard, and I'm holding out hope that posting this photo on The Internets will score Arlo a million-dollar modeling contract from the Gap so that I can quit my job and focus on his career. (Ford Models? Are you reading this? Caaaall me, daaarlinks.)


Mara said...

this is just WAY TOO CUTE! I wish I were a UI parent just so I could get the postcard.

Scooteur said...

Oh, YOU can get the postcard, Mara. You've got that kind of pull.