Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Holiday Weekend Recap

I know it's already Wednesday, but by gosh it has been a busy week! Yesterday was Arlo's 4th birthday, and we spent much of last weekend celebrating it... and just enjoying a gorgeous Labor Day weekend.

On Saturday, Erika and I went to the Iowa-Maine football game at Kinnick Stadium with Joel & Sandie. Big thanks to the Ringadingdingdahls for sharing their season tickets with us!

Here I am putting on my best Sport Enthusiast face. What an great day to be in the stadium!

On Sunday night, Kent and Colleen hosted a casual dinner party, wherein they fed us yummy Gulf shrimp (hand-delivered by themselves from their FL vacation) cooked with potatoes, corn, and kielbasa (or not, for the vegetarians among us) and pina coladas.

Grandma & Grandpa Stahlhut (my folks) came to visit, and to partake in some of Ted's delightful home-baked chocolate cake. Arlo suggested that his whipped cream should be pink, with rainbow sprinkles, and we happily obliged:

My parents also came bearing gifts (duh).

Exhibit A: Large foam glider for flying at the park.

Exhibit B: Chainsaw.
Arlo was all about the power tools (or "electricity tools," as he calls them, since we have explained that "power" and electricity" mean the same thing) this year, so he also scored a drill--with changeable bits and all--from E. Yes, he has safety goggles too, and you can bet that he is very conscientious about putting them on when he has Work To Do.
Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making it a really great weekend!
The Knights family is bizzay in September! Tonight we are having our family portrait taken, and this weekend we are off to Chicago for a wedding and a visit with old friends . Arlo starts Tot Soccer next week, and our big Septemberfest bash (Bouncy Castle, people.) is the following weekend (on the 13th). Good thing I've already figured out Halloween costumes for the kids, because otherwise I just wouldn't have the time!


writermom said...

Awesome. I love that Arlo can go from pink whipped cream to power tools. Right on!

mark said...

I covet that glider.

Emily said...

I'm worn out just reading this post.