Monday, March 31, 2008

Thanks, Stuart! Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Saturday night, Ted and I had an evening that was a rare treat for both of us: my mom and dad came from Marshalltown to babysit so that Ted and I could have a kid-free night out with friends, so we went to The Mill to catch Stuart Davis. If you were reading my blog last month, you already know that I was planning to go to this show--but it was a great bonus that I got to take Ted along, too.

This show was different from previous ones in that Stu had a full band (guitarist, drummer, and bass player) playing behind him. They sounded great--they really did--but I have to admit, I missed the intimacy of the Stuart-only paradigm, and some of his creative guitar work (such as thumping his hand on the guitar for percussion) was lost in translation. That being said, the band was rocking, and all three musicians were incredibly talented. And did I mention that all three of them were also easy on the eyes? I know, it's shallow, it's irrelevant, and it might be inappropriate for a married mom of two to be drooling over musicians in a (non-smoky, thanks!) bar. But whatever. If you don't like what I write, get your own blog.

Ted proved, once again, to be the best husband EVAR. In the midst of all the drooling, he actually made his way across the crowded room (our seats weren't very good, so I had walked around front to stand and watch the last couple of songs) to deliver the camera to me so that I might get a photo of myself with dear Stu. Hooray!

I also captured a shot of Erika with Stuart--and she made sure to gloat afterwards about the fact that he recognized her (from ten years of seeing him play) and, she claims, hugged her harder and longer. Whatever!

It was a great night, and Ted remarked that it was almost as special to see Kent and Colleen (or, as Arlo says, "Kent and daQueen") out together in a bar (homebodies that they are) as it was for us to be spotted in such environs!

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