Friday, March 14, 2008

The system has been compromised.

I know it's difficult to make out, but this is what I found on my computer screen this morning. It says. "Time to die." Do you think I clicked "OK"? No, I did not.

Methinks the home machine has a bug. This is not the first indication, but I won't drone on about the other glitches that we've noticed in recent weeks. Suffice it to say, the system has been compromised and we are now in the damage control phase. Unfortunately, it's not something that our new Norton anticirus software can find and eradicate, so we're really glad we spent that 70 bucks! Thanks, Norton!

A tech-savvy friend has recommended some free web-based cleanup software, and I'll try running one or two of them this weekend. If anyone else has advice to share, the lines are now open to take your call.


1 comment:

mark said...

AVG for Windows. Short of that, get a Mac. Wouldn't it be nice to never worry about computer virii again (hint: it is).