Friday, February 08, 2008

Mom Chimes In

You remember this post from a few weeks back? I was talking about how Betsy had used the term "Repuglicans" and how that totally cracked me up. My mom sent a shot across the bow this morning with a reminder that the flip side of that pun coin is that they can call us Democraps.

Fair enough, Mom. Touche.


Pirate Dog said...

Repugnicans is funnier, but mom's right. Democrap. it gives me a democramp to think about it.

That is the unfortunate problem with namecalling. There's always another one waiting.

Repugnican. Still funny.

Scooteur said...

Repugnicans is more sophisticated... after all, you have to have a reasonably good vocabulary to *get* the joke. "Democraps" is a much more primitive jab.

Still, they're both funny.