Monday, October 29, 2007

Life, Interrupted

Okay, I'm going to say it. I think Mae has colic.


We're on our second week of mounting fussiness, hours of crying at a time, and a baby who will not abide being put down. Ever. Unless she's asleep. Even then, it's iffy--though at night, she seems to be sleeping relatively well still.

Is it colic? The timing is right. From everything I've read, the symptoms are right: "inconsolable crying, three or more hours at a time, three or more days a week...", but I hesitate to label her as a Colicky Baby before I know for sure. She's not COMPLETELY inconsolable, she just cries if she's not being actively rocked, cooed at, patted, and stroked. Sheeeesh. This weekend the crankiness spilled over from the typical evening endurance test to an all-day whimper marathon. Yesterday was not a good day.

Could it be something else? She's been fighting a cold, so I wonder if she's got some sinus pain or pressure that is making her uncomfortable. She had a diaper rash for a couple of days that could have made her cry. Should I take her to the doctor to rule out something being actually wrong?

I vaguely remember going through a period of time with Arlo when he was tiny when we thought he might have colic. And by most accounts I've heard, if your kid has colic, YOU KNOW IT. Ugh. Maybe I'm in denial, I don't know.

What I do know is, we're doing everything we can to make her happy, and it hasn't been working. I also know that if it is colic, we are in for a rough handful of weeks (I say that because it sounds more surmountable to me than a couple of months), and that it will pass. In the meantime, I am alternately pulling out my hair, shaking my tiny fist at the sky, and crying my eyes out. It kills me that I cannot soothe my own tiny child, whom I love so dearly, and it frustrates me to no end that I cannot for the life of me find the time to do dishes or fold a load of laundry.

I am in complete disarray. Sorry I have not called/written/followed through/been much fun lately. This, too, shall pass.


Cindy said...

Oh she's got it...I don't care what anyone says. It may not be text book colic, but I think Kate was that way a bit. I spent 12 weeks holding and sleeping with her. It's completely exhausting. Hang in there!!!!! And it's aren't out of your mind.

writermom said...

Same here, my dear. We went through this with Lila and it is extremely difficult. She would cry from 7-10 p.m. every night, her "witching hour." She wasn't the only one in tears. We held her for at least three months ... not until five or six months did she truly sleep without our assistance. You are right, this will pass. Hang on tight, you're doing great. I'll call soon.

heetmyser said...

Wait...*all* babies don't do this?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like dear Piers. For hours every evening he could not be put down, actually-who am I kidding- I wore him in a sling all day/every day-he wouldn't tolerate the swing, the vibrating chair, the play mat-only holding him would soothe him. Let the household things go as much as you can and then wear her to do the things you need. Late night walks around the neighborhood with dad might help to give you a break. Hang in there--you will make it and you aren't losing it! I will see you soon!
love, san