Wednesday, December 27, 2006

And I call myself a blogger. Pshaw.

I just realized (as if waking with a start from a horrible nightmare) that I did not take any pictures this Christmas.

Not a single photo of Arlo opening Christmas presents. Not one snap of the shutter to capture the cat eating curling ribbon, or Arlo eating fig newtons and Christmas cookies for dinner on Christmas Eve. No video footage of Arlo playing with his new rhythm sticks from West Music--nor a single digital file to represent his first Christmas-stocking-unstuffing.

Maybe, deep down inside, I am depressed because I did not get a new digital camera for Christmas. Maybe I was subconsciously protesting the old camera by refusing to use it.

I don't know how this happened... but I promise, I will be vigilant on New Year's Eve. I will take pictures as if they are going out of style--and I'll prod all of my camera-wielding friends to take pictures of me, like, constantly. And it's going to be fun, too--we're throwing a party at our house (in part to solve the problem of trying to find a babysitter--Arlo will sleep through anything) and I just found out that I am NOT pregnant yet, so I have two more weeks to party with reckless abandon before trying again.

Woo hoo! The one reason I can be happy about a negative pregancy test!


D.Rey said...

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and Jolly Not-Pregnant-Yet! I think...

It's cold in Washington.

Anonymous said...

I totally want to come to the possible-last-blow-out before Arlo has a new sibling bebe-to-be.

Have an awesome, awesome new year, Iowa!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Not anonymous. That was me, Hollywood up there. And here too.

"I resolve in the new year to be less of a dork."

Here in LaLa Land, Santa brought me an MP3 player/phone, but I didn't get a camera either. Darn. I'm apartment hunting in Santa Cruz this week -- which is welcome, long-time-comin' good news, but I'm gonna miss my boat.

New beginnings for everyone in 2007! Yee. To the Haw.


Joel Ringdahl said...

You can see at least 2 Arlo-related Christmas pictures at our site: