Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Things You Left Behind

Thanks to everyone who came to our New Year's Eve party on Sunday night!

In spite of the fact that Arlo had a delicious tantrum for the first forty minutes of the party--and that a sizeable contingent of party people staggered in about an hour late (lucky, lucky, lucky late people!), we had a splendid time. The good news is, the prime rib wasn't ready to eat until all of those latecomers arrived anyway (nay, even way after that), and Arlo did calm down and decide to eat a decent dinner: dark chocolate Hershey's kisses, Ritz crackers, and sour cream ranch dip intended as carrot dip but in practice licked from the sticky little fingers.

I would also like to report that:

a) I have been voted the Drunkest Girl at the Party, a distinction I wear with great pride and dignity.

b) Drunk as I was, my friends still trusted me with an incredible inventory of Things Left Behind.

I am publishing the following list for two reasons. First, because though I know who owns many of these items, I could use some help sorting them out. Second, because it's funny. I cannot believe how much detritus this party generated, and I have no idea how long it will take me to return all of it. Please feel free to stop by my house to claim any of the following:

2 dish towels
2 hot pads
silver platter
silver candy dish
pizza pan
white ceramic platter
9x13 metal pan
9x13 casserole dish
wooden serving tray
Cover Girl powder foundation and Great Lash mascara
multicolor scarf
box of dog biscuits
glass dip bowl
2 small green spreading knives
small black mug
10 beers
2 bottles of champagne
1 unopened bag of baby carrots
18 wine glasses
cell phone charger
and this plate:

You can see more party photoes on my flickr page and on Mara's too.


mark said...

What the hell? Did the cops bust this party and cause everyone to run off without their gear?

Anonymous said...

Jen I am afraid the Hesseltine/Dunagan duo is greatly responsible for many of the left items from a silver tray to a plate, carrots, champagne, glass dip bowls, a beer or two and the green handled spreaders off the top of my head. We just kind of split as our coach was about to turn into some giant picked, rotting squash thing.

Troy said...

the casserole dish is mine, Jen. So sorry.

You don't remember me there? Well, you WERE the Drunkest Girl at the party....

oh, and one of the bottles of champagne. Mine's the one with bubbles in it. (wink)

Troy said...

should add that it sounds like a good time was had by all, which makes me happy.