Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wish List Item #622

I'm not sure why I am only inspired this week to share with the world The Things I Want. I don't even have a birthday coming up, it's nowhere near Christmas, and none of these will make appropriate gifts for Arlo's 2nd birthday, which is coming up this Saturday. However...


Okay. One duck is actually saying to the other, "Let me kiss you, sweetie!"

I think.

I mean, I don't speak French-- only enough to know that to say "duck in Francais, you say "conard" without pronouncing the 'd.' And I only know that because of Baby Einstein. By the way, in Espanol, it's "pato."

But that's the translation offered at the totally radical, totally adorable site where I found this lovely tote bag,

I cannot begin to tell you how many items there are on this site would elicit squals of joy and undying devotion if someone purchased them and wrapped them up for me in tissue paper in a polka-dotted box for no reason at all. And yes, every item on this site deserves a polka-dotted box.

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