Friday, August 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Rainy days make me sad. Not just because they're gloomy (which they are), but because I don't get to ride my scooter to work. I have to be all cooped up in my full-size beige sedan, all dry and bland. Well, you go to work with the car you have, not the car you wish you had.

Yes, I know it's possible to ride a moped in the rain, but I'm not inclined to do so, for more than one reason. Vanity is not the number-one reason. Eyesight is. If I go bare-faced, no matter how lightly it's raining, I get raindrops in my eyes. And not like, you know... ahhhhh, gentle summer rain ... but more like AAAAAAHHHHHH rain coming at my eyeballs at thirty miles per hour WAAAAHHHH!

And, on the flipside, if I wear my sunglasses to keep the rain out... well you can see how foolish that looks. "Duuuude, take of your sunglasses! It's, like, cloudy." Plus, sunglasses do not have windshield wipers. Or a reservoir of cleaning fluid at the ready to swipe off the grime when you're driving along behind a minivan owned by people who live on a gravel road. And no, I do not wish to wear ski goggles or pay my local eye clinic $200 for a pair of sport goggles. (Even $200 googles do not come with wipers, by the way.)

Oh, and I hate people who don't turn on their headlights when it's raining. Because, Duh.

I was not proud of myself when I mentally stepped outside of my car and watched myself flipping my car lights off and on at drivers who did not have their lights on. My mouth set in a stern line, a look of righteous consternation on my face, I (in my mind's eye, catching myself doing it) was a mean old lady with an unnatural need for People To Follow The Rules. It wasn't pretty.

But still! Turn your lights on when it rains!

Oh, and sun? Could you come back, please? It's almost the weekend! I made you a mojito!

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