Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daily Iowan silent on the Miller matter

Speaking of newspapers... can anybody tell me why there is no coverage to be found in the Daily Iowan about the Arthur Miller controversy?

A scandal that is alarming enough, and serious enough, to warrant an e-mail from the UI president to all UI faculty and staff should surely also warrant coverage in the campus newspaper. Even though the DI is an independent paper, not a part of the University, its primary focus is campus and community news. There is no excuse for the glaring omission, if you ask me.

Did Professor Miller also bribe DI editors? Did he offer them 'A' grades in exchange for their silence? I am appalled that a search on the Daily Iowan web site yielded nary a mention of this ongoing investigation.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen is covering the story. Why isn't the DI?


map said...

Doesn't look like they've published since 8/1. Hiatus? I think the paper is still put out by students, after all. Although, the PC is, too, so there goes that excuse....

Scooteur said...

Well, I'll be darned, you're right about that.

In that case, I think that an "independent" newspaper shouldn't shut down because of students' summer break.

So there. I still have something to gripe about.